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Rules of participation in the tournament

We care about the quality of our community.
Respect other members and administration.
If you are not ready for such steps, close the page and forget about us forever.

Registration for the tournament
Terms of participation in the tournament:
• Fill out an application for participation on the site
• Подписавшиеся на группу VK -

Players are allowed to participate if:
• Reached level 30
• Agree with these rules
Preparing for the tournament
A tournament member must confirm his participation 1 hour before the start of the tournament.
1 hour before the start of the tournament, a tournament grid will be formed.
15 minutes before the start, member in the private office will recognize the nickname of their first opponent.
Preparing for the fight
Participants invite each other to the Custom game in Blind Pick mode:
• Player who is from above in a tournament grid invites
• The bans of champions are written in a lobby chat in turn. The first is banned by the player who is above in a grid.

Upon the demand of organizers participants of a tournament are obliged to add the stated streamers in the spectator.
The maximum preparation time is 10 minutes:
• Searching for opponents in the game
• Inviting players and viewers
• Peak of champions taking into account the bans

The player who did not start the game in time will receive a technical defeat. The exception is the client's problem (informing the organizer is required).

In a game it is possible to make a pause only when the player was disconnected from a game. The maximum length of a pause is 10 minutes. You can remove a pause only when both participants are ready.
The winner is the player who destroys the enemy tower first, kills the enemy or scored 100 minions. (Any of the three conditions = victory);

The result of the match or a message about the non-appearance of an opponent, the winner informs the organizer by using a screenshot. The screenshot must be attached into the text results-matches channel in the discord;

The organizer of a tournament enters result in standings, and the winner waits for the following opponent.
What is better not to do
  • Use game errors/bugs
  • Use third-party software
  • To abuse a pause
  • It is forbidden to transfer the registered account to another person
  • Insult and conflict with the participants and the Administration

It is strictly forbidden to die of the tower / minions / fountain intentionally.
If your opponent seized this moment, you have to make a screenshot of results of a match and provide it to the organizer. If this inquiry is ignored, both participants will be disqualified.

Special feeding in any way will lead you to disqualification.